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April 30, 2022

April 16, 2022

Woodway, Texas - (April 30, 2022) - Nobles from across the Desert of Texas traveled to Woodway to witness the Chartering & Installation of the Officers Ceremony of Isaad Temple No. 275 held at the Masonic Temple.
The Imperial Deputy of the Desert, Honorary Past Imperial Potentate Burnell White Jr., who administered the ceremony to establish a Temple in the Waco area. The Imperial Council having a Shrine Temple in the Oasis of Waco will allow Nobles to impact their communities in a philanthropic way by strengthening not only the Desert of Texas, but the Imperial Council's reach into another Oasis. Impacting their community will determine the true rating of Isaad Temple's Shrine experience within the Oasis and the Desert of Texas."
There were 29 Novices (Isaad Temple) of the Class of Past Imperial Potentate Laddie L. Melton were obligated as Nobles of the Mystic Shrine by Imperial Lecturer, H.P.I.P. Stephen Northern (128), who traveled from the Oasis of Atlanta, Desert of Georgia. 

The Creation delivered a skill manner that will guide all those that were present to new levels in their endeavors as Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. Imperial Potentate John T. Chapman authorized and allowed the Desert of Texas to make history with the Creation of the PIP Laddie L. Melton class.  "The naming of the first class of Nobles from Isaad Temple No. 275 linked all these great Nobles in the Temple future history. PIP Laddie L. Melton was the only Noble from the state of Texas to have risen to the highest office of Imperial Potentate. Chief Rabban Preston Watson of Zakat Temple No. 164 served as the Novices' instructor assisted by P.P. Robert Datcher.

"The class was extremely engaged throughout the entire training process which consisted of a combination of lectures and assigned readings which strengthen their need to stay engaged."
Noble Michael E. Whitted, who will serve as Isaad Temple's first Illustrious Potentate stated that the Temple will promote the welfare of others in the community with youth mentorship programs, providing tuition assitance to college bound youth, provide aid to the elderly and support Veterans, Community Health Initiatives implemented by the Imperial Council through to Isaad Temple.
"The chartering of Isaad Temple No. 275 was of great importance to all 42 Nobles who came together to see the historic event come into existence," said Noble Whitted. Deputy B. White gave great support and Imperial Potentate Chapman was behind every effort of establishing Isaad Temple No. 275.


HPIP Burnell White


CR Jerry Martin

IP Michael Whitted

AR Walter Brown


HPIP Stephen Northern (128)

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